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The most stressful part of moving from one home to another was my entire experience with NATIONAL FLOORS DIRECT. First, the initially scheduled estimate representative was not going to make the appointment on time (I sat at the house for 3 hours waiting for him) and told me he was hopelessly stuck in traffic and would have to reschedule.

I politely said I understood, and then headed right out to go to work on the SAME highway he said he was sitting in gridlock on, and it was moving 75mph... The SECOND estimate representative was immediately rude and insulted my house ("I hope you are moving somewhere bigger.") uh, excuse me? You don't know me and you don't know my situation, and the house you are dissing is historic and one of the oldest in the town and belongs to a wonderful family who let me live there so I didn't have to stay in the ghetto I was previously living in! Then I find out that NFD will only accept payment by bank check or money order.

Nobody could have told me this on the phone in the umpteen calls I had to make for appointments over the preceding two weeks? I work 35 miles from the house, and can't get to the bank to my brokerage bank and then my checking bank to move money in less than 48hours. The customer service manager I dealt with was a real ***, and even though he acknowledged the company had done poorly by me in all aspects at that point, refused to accept a brokerage check, from an account that had more in it than probably his yearly salary. So, I KILL myself and had to get time off from work to get the money order for first thing for the next day installation, and the installers are THREE HOURS late.

Do you think ANYONE can call me to even let me know? And when they did show up, they had the WRONG COLOR of carpet. Close, but NOT WHAT I ORDERED, and now I have no time left as I am ending the lease that day and need to be done and out. And, of course, they also had a bill that did NOT reflect the $50.00 I was told I would be credited for the first missed appointment.

Neither of the installers spoke English, so I had to call the office, yet again, and they of course had no idea what I was talking about. When I told them "Then rip out what they just installed and take it back - at this point I will give you that extra $50.00 over my dead body," they finally "found" the person who had told me about it in the first place. Altogether, I spent 7 HOURS waiting on their people, made no fewer than 5 phone calls, had to miss an hour of work and STILL was only rewarded with CHEST PAIN and THE WRONG COLOR CARPET for my attempt to use their company.

If you LIKE liars, insults, misleading or nonexistent information, wasted time, missed appointments, wrong orders and complete disregard for the consumer...

give National Floors Direct a call! I strongly advise going ANYWHERE else for carpet.

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I would be leery of any store that advertises free this, free that, 75% off, $37 whole house install, buy one get two more, etc. etc.

The only price that counts is the bottom line. Shop local, get 3 or 4 estimates then go with the people you trust. And go to a store.

You owe it to yourself to see everything that is available. And it's not in trunk of someone's car.


I just used National and was very happy with them. You are all ***, MDJ you are writing that David P.

wrote his comment in the future but actually the dates you are writing are not correct. Pete from Washington, I used my credit card so you have no idea what you are talking about.

These comments and posts are clearly written by competing's really a shame if you ask me that companies have to resort to such dirty tactics to get business. Empire used to be such a large company with a good reputation and now they are posting on the internet about competing companies...they are sick if you ask me they perpetrated all the same lies in my home.


David P is obviously a National Floors employee posing as a happy customer.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #132124

national floors is the worst company ever, they show the customer one product and deliver something totally different. They dont take credit cards because they dont want the customer to have any recourse to get refunds, stay away from this company. Lets closed this company up


Shop local at your likely to get better service then at one of the national chains personally I recommend the local Carpet One store.


I was glad to see David from Norwood's comment because I'd like to consider doing business with National given that I just read a ton of bad bad experiences about Empire carpet but noticed that the date of David's comment says 08-02-2010 and today is only 2-10-2010 - his date is 6 mths into the future so makes me wonder about it - when did David work with National Floors?


I am sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. I on the other hand will never buy carpet or flooring from any other company again.

National Floors gave us amazing carpet we still love two years later and they gave it to us for half what we would have paid the other company. Their guys were wonderful, I tipped them 60 bucks for 2 guys cause they were fast, respectful, picked up after themselves and we enjoyed meeting them.

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